Food & Beverage Industry Trends Highlights

Lettuce Greens popularity has changed by 61.01% over the past year. On average, Lettuce Greens is consumed 1.2 times every year. Market adoption for Lettuce Greens in restaurants is 2.55% and it is on 0% of recipes.

Lettuce Greens plating ideas from top restaurants

Most popular Lettuce Greens dishes in restaurants. August 2021 data
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Angler San Francisco (San Francisco, California)
Hollywood Farmers' Market (La, California)
Ad Hoc & Addendum (Yountville, California)
Galway Arms (Chicago, Illinois)

Fastest rising Lettuce Greens pairings

The fastest rising ingredients, flavors, and drinks with Lettuce Greens. August 2021 data
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Food Market Overview for Lettuce Greens

Lettuce Greens Growth Over Time

Monitor trends in Lettuce Greens related conversations over the past year. August 2021 Data
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  • Annual Growth

    Lettuce Greens consumption yearly growth rate
  • Annual Consumption Frequency

    Lettuce Greens is consumed 1.2 times on average every year
  • The percentage of the average American diet that Lettuce Greens represents. August 2021 data

    Market Adoption

  • The popularity of Lettuce Greens at home vs at restaurants. The dashed black line represents the breakdown of the industry average. August 2021 data

    Home vs Restaurant Consumption

    • Eat In
    • Market Avg.
    • Eat Out
  • Percentage of restaurants that serve Lettuce Greens

    Popularity in Restaurants

    15,197 of 597,012 Restaurants
  • 0% of recipes have Lettuce Greens

    Popularity in Recipes

    9 of 4,598,338 Recipes

Product & Culinary Innovation Analysis

The upcoming food industry trends for Lettuce Greens. August 2021 data

Most Popular vegetables Ingredients and Pairings

Highlights the most popular vegetables ingredients with Lettuce Greens, as well as its fastest rising and falling ingredients. Broken down by food category. August 2021 data
Top vegetables Ingredients and Pairings
#1lettuce greens
Trending Ingredients and Pairings
#1lotus roots
#2porcini mushrooms
#3water spinach
Declining Ingredients and Pairings
#1baby spinach
#3sugar snap peas
#4snap peas