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What is going on in the plant-based food & beverage space?

What is going on in the plant-based food & beverage space?

A bite-sized preview of the latest trends:

  • Personal health outweighs planetary health for the majority of plant-based eaters
  • Trending functional needs are intimately personal - the pandemic pushes consumers to seek healthcare from food
  • Plant-based dairy shines in restaurants, but consumers are craving meat

How can food and beverage industry players tap into these emerging trends -in July, 2020 and beyond? Download the full report for more.

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Rising Personal Functions
Brain health
Brain health
Animal rights and sustainability are decreasing as drivers for eating plant-based. Our Plant-Based Food Trends Report details not only what plant-based categories are trending, but *why*.

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Brain health
Flax Egg
Trending Baking Ingredients
Brain health
Cashew Butter
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