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2020 looks a whole lot different.

2020 looks a whole lot different.

Last September, we took a look at the nascent era of functional foods. Now, nearly a year later, the world has changed.

What has changed in the functional food & beverage space?

A bite-sized look at some of our findings:

  • Today, recipes addressing functional needs are used 1.5x more than those that don't
  • The fastest rising functional needs are medicinal, with Eastern spices offering popular value

How can food and beverage industry players tap into these emerging trends -in July, 2020 and beyond? Download the report for the full look at these insights and more.

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Interest in Medicinal Food
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Brain health
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50% of all dining occasions center on the functionality of food - up from 33% last year. Our Functional Foods: Revisited report takes a look at what else has changed in the functional food space, and how CPGs, restaurants, and more can plug in.

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