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What foods & beverages are addressing today's most pressing needs?

What foods & beverages are addressing today's most pressing needs?

A bite-sized look at the top trends influencing F&B at the end of 2019:

  • The dominating diet of fall/winter, 2019: Veganism

  • The fasting rising diet of fall/winter, 2019: Carnivore Diet

  • The fastest falling diet of fall/winter, 2019: Clean Eating

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37% of consumers are looking for functional benefits from their food and drinks. Our Functional Food Report not only identifies which ingredients are trending within this growing landscape, but *why*.

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Tastewise fuels innovation for the world’s leading food & beverage brands by predicting how consumers cook, order, and eat. No guesswork, no outdated reports.

Using proprietary AI, Tastewise holistically measures consumer relationships to food and beverage. Used by industry leaders, our insights - a fusion of social media, restaurant menus, and recipes - inform product development, marketing strategy, and sales execution.

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Brain health
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