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The 2021 Flavor Innovation Guide

The 2021 Flavor Innovation Guide

Download the 2021 Flavor Innovation Guide to learn how you can use data to build an exciting and successful flavor library. All data was collected through the Tastewise Insights, the Food Intelligence Platform used by some of the world's largest brands and flavor companies.

Questions this guide can help you answer:

  • What's the best condiment for vegans right now?
  • What flavors are most closely aligned with immunity?
  • What are the emerging trends of Fall 2020 to keep tabs on, and how can they help inform your process?
  • What flavor will moms love the most in 2021?

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Consumer Motivations
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Immunity-Boosting Food and Beverage
+35% MoM
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Sweet Potatoes
Any and all flavor ideas that are presented internally and to customers require data to support them before facing clients. But with millions of people posting about food and interacting with online recipes every day, how do you keep up -- let alone harness all this data to your advantage?

About Tastewise

Tastewise fuels innovation for the world’s leading food & beverage brands by predicting how consumers cook, order, and eat. No guesswork, no outdated reports.

Using proprietary AI, Tastewise holistically measures consumer relationships to food and beverage. Used by industry leaders, our insights - a fusion of social media, restaurant menus, and recipes - inform product development, marketing strategy, and sales execution.

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Maple Syrup
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Coconut Water
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