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A $74B opportunity lies within today's rapidly growing cocktail kit trend.

A $74B opportunity lies within today's rapidly growing cocktail kit trend.

People want delivery-friendly alternatives to date nights, happy hours, and eating out in quarantine. Food & beverage kits are the answer - and in a beverage industry that's frozen, that opportunity is worth a lot.

How can CPGs and food service tap into the emerging cocktail kit trend, in May, 2020 and beyond? Download the full report for an in-depth look at today's cocktail kit trend - and where it is heading tomorrow.

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Everyone's a mixologist in quarantine, and consumers are looking for the next great ingredient for their at-home cocktail. With interest in delivery exploding (+1,1485% in the last few months!), how can food service and CPG players tap into a lucrative opportunity for cocktail kits?

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