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Make dishes that will delight your customers.

Innovate the next big food trend. Understand market trends like never before.

What Can Tastewise Culinary Insights Do for You?

Efficient Innovation

Quickly discover new ingredient applications and combinations.

Incorporate trending motivations into your menu offerings.

Consumer Research

Uncover the consumer motivations behind trending dishes, ingredients and flavors.

Local Landscape

Identify local white space opportunities; understand what is already overrepresented in your area – and what consumers want more of.

Accessible Inspiration

Get inspired by thousands of plating ideas, and add your own creativity to the landscape.

The New Era of Culinary Innovation

The Culinary Arts Meet Real-Time Data

What draws people to their food is dynamic, complex, and ever-changing. The food & beverage industry must understand the deep connections between consumer motivations, demands, and perceptions - and the ingredients and dishes consumers love.

For example: Consumers care about sustainability - and it's more than a passing trend. +23% more consumers YoY prioritize sustainable choices in their food and beverage. Do your culinary offerings reflect these consumer values?

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Global restaurant industry’s projected sales in 2020


of consumers are more likely to visit a restaurant if it offers locally sourced food


average # of menu items that are added to restaurants nationwide weekly that consumers describe as “tasty”

Tastewise AI Gives you Unprecedented Access to the Insights You Need

The Tastewise culinary solution generates critical, real-time insights tailored to the needs of chefs and restaurants across culinary genres.

Trend Synthesis Database


Explore menu mentions and social conversations in both restaurants and at home to discover trending flavors, ingredients and dishes. Develop “menu psychology” that fits your goals, and your consumers’ tastes. 

Dish Drill-Down


Sort dishes by trending ingredients, demands and preparations in both restaurant and home to see what consumer tastes are rising fast.

Consumer Connection


Uncover the “why” behind the biggest trends in the food & beverage space, and create culinary culinary offerings that will delight consumer tastebuds. 

Time Saver


With easy-to-use reportsthe Tastewise culinary solution is a one-stop-shop for understanding everything you need to know about food & beverage trends – quickly.

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