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Top Trending Recipes The fastest rising recipes, and how they have performed over the past year

Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole from Easy Family Recipes


Gummy Bear from The Best Ideas for Kids


Pull Apart Pigs in a Blanket from Spoon Fork Bacon


Homemade Brownie Mix from A Few Shortcuts


Mexican Street Corn Casserole from Easy Family Recipes


California Sushi Roll Bowls with Cauliflower Rice Meal Prep from Kirbie's Cravings


Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup from Gimme Some Oven


The Best Steak Marinade from Jessica Gavin

meat Trends The fastest rising foods in the meat category
bakery and desserts Trends The fastest rising foods in the bakery and desserts category
perishables and prepared Trends The fastest rising foods in the perishables and prepared category
spices and herbs Trends The fastest rising foods in the spices and herbs category
#3pumpkin spice
beverages Trends The fastest rising foods in the beverages category
grains Trends The fastest rising foods in the grains category
#2white rice
alcohol Trends The fastest rising foods in the alcohol category
dairy Trends The fastest rising foods in the dairy category
#1cream butter
#2whey protein
seafood Trends The fastest rising foods in the seafood category
vegetables Trends The fastest rising foods in the vegetables category
condiments Trends The fastest rising foods in the condiments category
#2nut butter
#3bbq sauce
fruits Trends The fastest rising foods in the fruits category
#1blood orange
#2dragon fruit
nuts and seeds Trends The fastest rising foods in the nuts and seeds category
#2hemp seeds

AI Tools Designed Specifically for the Food Industry

Finally, you can add some data to your dishes. Whether you run marketing for a restaurant chain or product innovation at a CPG corporation, you need sophisticated data to make truly informed decisions.

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Food Trends

With over 1 billion data points, you can see exactly how any food is performing at a given moment, so you can make smarter decisions for your company or restaurant.

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Menu Trends

Sophisticated social analysis helps you understand how diners select their dishes, and what they think of them. Study pricing, seasonality, penetration, and presentation of dishes across the country’s most influential establishments.

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Home Recipe Trends

Explore the hottest new trends and ingredients across nearly 100% of online recipes. See which recipes are working – and why – and which recipes have gone stale.

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Restaurant Trends

Keep an eye on the competition with advanced restaurant discovery and monitoring tools. Examine geography, positioning, audience sentiment, and more – to give your establishment the greatest chance for success.

Dig Deeper with On-Demand Reports

Some questions require deeper investigation. That's why we offer customized solutions for brands that want to cook up something really special.

Marketing Innovation


Marketing Innovation

Make the most of your existing product line. Custom reports can help you identify new opportunities to get your product in front of the right customers, in unique, creative, and compelling ways.

Product Innovation


Product Innovation

Today's fast-paced market demands constant innovation to stay relevant. Peek into the future of food to see the trends of tomorrow. We monitor emerging opportunities to help you stay a step ahead.

Foodservice Analysis


Foodservice Analysis

Consumers expect consistently updated menus and experiences. Whether you are an operator or supplier, we offer access to real-time data points about every foodservice location in the country, helping to keep your brand fresh and relevant.

Our Secret Sauce

We monitor social chatter, nearly 100% of online recipes, and the country's most influential restaurants and menus in order to understand how food is prepared, loved, and shared.

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Machine Learning

The more data our algorithms process, the smarter they get. This allows for advanced, automated trend analysis over massive datasets.

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Predictive Analysis

Not only can our systems determine the most popular food trends of today, they can predict the most promising ones of tomorrow. Stay ahead of the competition with advanced predictive tools.

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Computer Vision

Food isn't just about taste. Gain deeper insight into the presentation and plating trends with advanced image recognition tools that study the visual cues and make actionable recommendations.

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NLP Processing

Sentiment and textual analyses help our systems understand not just what consumers are eating, but how, why, when, where, and with whom. Rather than just providing data, we offer true understanding.

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